Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy – Statement of Intent

We at Al Zaman Group of Companies seek excellence in every aspect of our business and are committed to the continuous improvement of our performance and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, including through the prevention of pollution.

Our environmental and energy policy provides a mechanism for environmental management throughout all areas of our Oman Office. It covers environmental aspects which we can control and directly manage, and those we do not control or directly manage but can be expected to influence.

Our Policy

We will ensure compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements by implementing best practice procedures where possible. We will set ourselves targets and strive to achieve them. We will consider the environmental impact of decisions made in the management of our practice and the operations of our business.

Energy and Environmental Management Systems: 

We will use our Management Systems to measure our environmental performance. We will set benchmark objectives to enable us to access our progress in reducing waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We shall ensure the availability of information and of necessary resources to achieve objectives and targets.

Innovation to Improve Energy Efficiency: 

We will continue to seek to adopt innovative means of improving our environmental performance, whilst ensuring we comply with legislation and other requirements related to energy use, consumption and efficiency. We will explore ways to reduce our energy consumption and to improve efficiency in the use and management of resources. We will monitor and report our energy annual as part of the formerly the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC). We will buy all our electricity on a green tariff.

Sustainable Payment: 

We will give priority to energy and environmental considerations when we source and select products and services and ensure that our suppliers have a verifiable commitment to environmental standards. We will seek to influence our suppliers to approach sustainable sourcing. We will incorporate energy efficiency as a key component for new equipment, major renovation and new design.

Waste Reduction: 

We will reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible.

Sustainable Travel: 

We will seek to reduce travel and will support modes of transport or other substitute communication systems that minimize environmental impact.

Environmental Awareness: 

We will promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees through information, training and community projects. We will actively participate in external independent environmental bodies and forums and our Environment Committee led by our Management will work to put ideas into practice. We will engage with our clients where appropriate to demonstrate our commitment to high environmental standards.

All staff, clients and contractors will have access to this policy via the Al Zaman Group of Companies website. The policy will regularly be referred to in the decision making and in internal management and operational meetings. It will be included during the induction of new staff and will be reviewed regularly.