Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered important to Al Zaman Group of Companies. This CSR Report gives an overview of our Group’s policies, plans and agreements.

Al Zaman’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focuses on people, society, planet and prioritizes issues. They are important to our businesses and stakeholders and areas where we can make the greatest impact.

We refer to the Al Zaman Group of Company CSR Report to communicate our approach, objectives, progress and challenges around these high-level priorities.


We work hard to create customer journey management solutions and insight that inspires customers, assist employees, strengthen brands, and improve experiences. Our vision goes beyond the solutions and insights that we build to support the commitment. We simply want to create better customer journeys.

We have three main areas focused to enhance our efforts related to Corporate Social Responsibility:

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact
Al Zaman  Group of Company recognizes that it has a responsibility beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and putting the environment at the heart of our strategy and operational methods. We encourage our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to do likewise.

In ‘Al Zaman Group of Company Environment Policy’ we commit to:

  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements, 
  • Continuously improve and monitor the environmental performance, 
  • Continuously reduce the environmental impact, 
  • Incorporate environmental factors in business decisions
  • Increase employee awareness and training

Our CEO has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the Al Zaman Group of Company Environmental policy is implemented; however, it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that the policy is implemented in their specific areas of responsibilities. In addition, we set the same standards for all our partners and suppliers.

Respecting human rights is a cornerstone of how we conduct business
Respecting human rights is a cornerstone of our business. Our social and human rights program encompasses our full value chain: advocating and defending freedom of expression and rights to privacy through Internet governance and global product standards; being an inclusive employer that respects diversity; and respecting the working conditions, welfare, and human rights of workers in our supply chain.
We advocate for strong freedom of expression and privacy protections, which we believe are fundamental to successful business innovations for a thriving society.
Our Supplier Code of Conduct supporting audit and capability-building programs set our expectations for key human rights issues, including the prevention of child and forced labor, promoting higher labor standards across the industry. We also continue to work towards having a supply chain without conflicts.


Supplier Code of Conduct
The Al Zaman Group of Company Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC) is based on “The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact”. We expect all our suppliers to comply with the SCC as well all as all local laws and regulations applicable to their business and country. Thereby also ensuring that their sub-suppliers will act accordingly.

The Al Zaman Group of Company Vision and Values
The Al Zaman Group of Company’s vision and values are always at the top of our minds when conducting business. As part of our yearly appraisals, we assess our employees based on these.

Crisis Management Plan
We have a solid plan in place if the worst would happen. To be prepared we also train our management team and key people in the organization to be prepared and know how to act professionally in what could be a stressful situation.

Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational health and safety shall be considered as a natural part of the work day in Al Zaman. A healthy working environment is fundamental to employee effectiveness and work quality.

Policy for equal opportunities
Reflects our company values. We believe that our continued success depends upon our ability to attract, develop and retain a highly competent and motivated workforce.

CSR is the foundation of our culture and core values by which we do business
Corporate social responsibility is integrated into Al Zaman Group of Company’s business strategy and functions. It is foundational to our culture and core values by which we do business. Our way of working embeds high standards of governance across our entire operations and we have policies in place which are monitored on a regular basis. Al Zaman Group of Companies is ISO certified and we have an AAA rating.

Corporate social responsibility is integrated into our business strategy and functions. It is foundational to our culture and a core value by which we do business.

Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics describes the basic principles which forms the guidelines of our conduct. Al Zaman Group of Companies owes much of its past to sound ethical behavior. Our future successes will continue to be driven by the integrity of each individual in the company. Our performance should always reflect our brand, our visions, and values.

Bribery and Corruption Policy
Al Zaman Group of Companies has ‘zero tolerance’ to any acts of bribery and corruption. We are committed to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, wherever we operate in the world.

Al Zaman Group of Company Distribution Agreement
Partners of Al Zaman Group of Companies is under a distribution agreement which states how we as business partners should act and work together. This agreement is the foundation for what we can do and not do.

Channel Management Policy
Al Zaman Group of Companies undertake to support each partner by managing the sales processes of all its partners in a fair and consistent manner. It shall respect the confidentiality of all information provided by a partner and shall not disclose to any other partner.

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Al Zaman Group is an Oman based business group, active in several key economic areas with global diversity. The company owns, operates and professionally manages businesses within and outside of the Sultanate of Oman.